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quinta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2011

My Humble Suggestion by Bhaktivedanta Tirtha Maharaj

por Bhaktivedanta Tirtha Maharaj,


Jay Sri Sri Guru Gauranga Jayatah!

My Dear Senior Vaisnavas, Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, and all board members, I offer pranam unto you all.

Please accept my humble dandavat pranam.

Today I have become very happy because so many devotees have written to me. After Srila Gurudeva left, my mind and heart broke. My mind was not working properly, I was unable to speak in harikatha, also unable to concentrate, but today all Vaisnavas have given blessings to me. This lifted my spirits. All Vaisnavas are very happy and they are always helping me in my life. I am grateful.

This is a time of change. It is easy to be confused. All Vaisnavas want to please Srila Gurudeva. All want to serve his mission. It is important that his mission is managed well. We need good management and guidance to maintain all things. Lately I have heard many proposals and discussions about this matter.

There are so many sannyasis. All are worldwide preachers who are preaching expertly for Srila Gurudeva, with so much progress. Srila Gurudeva has given the order to all senior sannyasis that they should give mantra initiation and to continue preaching worldwide. I know that they have given everything to Srila Gurudeva and that they will continue preaching everywhere. To help this continue we need to have a good foundation. We need good management. And so, I want to offer my humble suggestion.

I ask all sannyasis, senior devotees, trust members, and all, to consider my proposal – that Srila Premananda Brahmachari Prabhu should be our chairman in all our sanga’s trusts. He is like the mother of our sanga, always nurturing and caring for everyone. He is very kind and blissful. He honors and gives respect to everyone, to all sannyasis, vanaprastis, grihastas, bhaktas, mothers, and sisters. To all. He is always serving them. He always has expert advice in trying situations. Even when Srila Gurudeva would carry out any action he would ask Premananda prabhu and others.

He has always remained in a neutral position whenever there has been some discrepancies between others. He is our most senior Vaishnava. During Srila Gurudeva’s last time in Govardhana he asked to see Premananda prabhu. He told him that “I have given all responsibility to you. Why are you keeping some distance now? You have been with me since childhood. All sannyasis are world preachers. They have no time for management. This is your duty. I request you can take care of my mission. Do not be separate”.

Sometimes between sannyasis and grihastas, or between different people there may be some competition mood. Some misunderstanding. Some disagreement. Premananda is brahmacari. He can remain equal to all. He can keep equality and peace with all. He wants nothing for himself. Only service. Srila Gurudeva’s mission needs good management. So that everyone feels welcome and loved. He has always done this. So I ask that you make him chairman.

At the time of my sannyas I told Srila Gurudeva that “Premanada prabhu should also take sannyas with me, we have come to you at same time and he is very qualified”. Then Srila Gurudeva said that if he takes sannyas then “who can mange everything and take care of my mission?” In this way I suggest that Premananda prabhu will be chairman in our mission.

After Srila Gurudeva’s samadhi in our meetings he came and discussed with us many matters and gave so much good advice for Sri Navadwip Parikrama and other things. In this way we are very pleased with him.

This is my suggestion- Please give me your response.

Your servant,


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