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quinta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2011

Srila Gurudeva 11/29/96

por Madhavi Glick

Try to lead your life according to instructions in Upadesamrta, not too much money, but not so poor. So much suffering may come. Krsna may take away all your happiness surely, you will be poor. Krsna will arrange that all your relatives will give you up. So many difficulties will come and you will have to weep. I’m warning you – don’t blame me at that time.

– don’t blame me at that time. I’m telling you frankly that if you are doing Krsna bhajan, that topmost bhajan, only unhappiness and so many sufferings may come. You will be a street beggar, I know. So be prepared from the onset if you are following me. Otherwise, you will have to follow other sannyasis - - they can give you a lot of money, so many worldly desires. I’m telling you truly that if you are following me, you will have to weep like me, forever! If Krsna is found, then you will have to weep more. Like Bhakti Vinode a stage will come when you will weep so bitterly. Otherwise, direct your mind towards yogi, karmi, jnani. As you are advancing on this path more difficulties will come, like Draupadi and Prahlad. So, at that time you should not blame me, saying that I am guilty for bringing on all your problems

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