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sábado, 24 de março de 2012

Gour Govinda Maharaja on Those Who Left

Excerpted from My Revered Spiritual Master

Why did some people leave Prabhupada’s movement? What is the reason? If that problem is done away with they will come back. If I state the reason why they left, it will be an unpalatable truth. In his purport to Bhägavatam 5.13.11, Prabhupada has said: “The Krishna consciousness movement aims at creating an atmosphere of non-envy. Of course, it is not possible for everyone to become Krishna conscious, but the Krishna consciousness movement can create an exemplary society wherein there is no envy.” Prabhupada wanted such an exemplary society where there would be no envy at all, a society of vaisnavas, sädhus. They are never envious. This is the purpose of Prabhupada. If the pillars of this society acquire all vaisnava qualities, if they will be pukka vaisnavas, sädhus, if they will be non-envious, then they can bring the others back. The persons who left will see: “Yes, this is the ideal society where there is no envy at all, a vaisnava society.”
Krishna is all-attractive. His dear devotee is all-attractive. How did Prabhupada attract people throughout the world? He just spoke krsna-kathä.

This krsna-kathä is non-different from Krishna, so everyone is attracted to it. Do like that and all will be attracted. And those who have left the society because of this enviousness, because some wrong was done to them, if you fix that and they see that it is completely gone, that it is a pukka vaisnava society where there is no enviousness, only love and affection, then all will be attracted. If Krishna and krsna-kathä are present, then they’ll definitely come back. Any jéva would be attracted. But if the same thing continues to go on, no one will come back. The same thing is going on now. You should first know the reason why they left? If that is not going on now and you can exhibit it, not just theoretically saying it, but exhibiting it practically, then they’ll come back.

Interviewer: But Maharaja, even when Prabhupada was here some devotees left. Mäyä is very strong.
Gour Govinda Swami: Yes, mäyä is very strong. They left because they couldn’t follow Prabhupada’s instruction as it is. You should follow sädhu-guru’s instruction as it is. Don’t twist it and don’t add any of your deliberation to it. Then you’ll get immense spiritual strength. If sädhu-guru gives you some instruction and you think, “Yes, Guru Maharaja said this thing, but I may do or not do.” Then, finished. You will not get his mercy. You won’t have strength. You cannot fight against mäyä. Mäyä is so strong. Therefore, Prabhupada said, “Our purpose is to inculcate Krishna consciousness unto one and all. But of course it is not such an easy thing. Still we form this society, and the members of the society should not be envious.” That is Prabhupada’s purpose. If you fulfill his purpose, then they’ll come back.

You may do so many things for show. So many material societies and political groups are there, saying so many big, big things. They produce so many material plans and projects, “Oh, this is the aim. We’ll do this thing and that thing.” What is the value of making a big show?

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