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sábado, 13 de abril de 2013

Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Projetos

Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja

Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaja

Distinguished disciple of Om Visnupada Sri Srimad
Bhakti Prajnana Kesava Gosvami Maharaja

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Kund Restoration Group
Monthly News Release [April 2007]

Dandavats, All glories to Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga. All glories to Sri Sri Radha Vinode Bihariji.
I sincerely hope that you are well in every respect.
I think that most of us are all well aware of the fact that there are a great many organizations, who are working diligently to preserve the Holy Dham. The Kund Restoration Group is trying to do its part. We are interested in the restoration and preservation of the infrastructure, the environment, the water, the air, the soil and of course the historical landmarks as well.
Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaja, our dearly beloved Srila Gurudeva, the operations director for Kund Restoration Group has been leading this crusade for an environmental clean up, the preservation of the Holy Dham, the water and sacred trees for more than 50 years. Before him the six Goswamis and of course Mahaprabhu himself led this crusade. All of these facts will be clearly illustrated in the first edition of our magazine.
We think the producing video’s that show the appalling condition of a great many of the Kunds, and Ghats is essential. From looking at our video, the viewer will also begin to realize that India has made extraordinary contributions to the world, in music, art, the science of yoga and religion. In spite of so many significant contributions, the embarrassing condition of a great many of the Holy places gives us a cause for concern, actually it breaks our heart. We will do all that we can to correct this deplorable situation.
The first order of business is to complete the restoration of Kaliya Ghat. In order to complete this restoration, we will have to collect an additional 20 lak rupees approximately 45,000 US dollars. Why? Because the initial project has been expanded for an enhanced beautification.We would greatly appreciate it if you would connect us with any philanthropically disposed individual or individuals that you think might be interested in assisting us.
Branches of our supplementary non-profit organization entitled “Environmental, Conservation and Historical Restorationists of India” are being registered and opened in most of the countries of the free world. If you want to help us to set up this humanitarian enterprise in your country or to represent Kund Restoration Group during festivals, we want to hear from you. We are striving for recognition and assistance, assistance from the government of India and assistance from abroad as well.
One should bear in mind, that whatever contribution you make to the Holy Dham is truly for the benefit of everyone. In this regard, one should realize that any contribution becomes magnified 1000 times. The benefits are astounding. Please, do what you can, when you can, while you can. The future is now, the omnipresent now.
All of our philanthropic activities will eventually touch the heart of the world. They will undoubtedly open many doors and create a favorable mood for preaching. We will show the world, that we are performing welfare activities that are of benefit to all humanity.
Whatever part you want to play in this historical saga will be greatly appreciated
Enclosed please find photos taken during the Navadwip festival and photos taken during the Noida Festival. Please watch our video entitled “An Appeal to Heal” [.wmv 66 MBs]
For more information on how you can contribute, please visit our website www.vrajakunds.com. Thank you for your time and assistance.
Managing Director,
Uddhava dasa

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