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sexta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2011



by Ananda Vardhana dasa (May 25, 2011)

Dear devotees please accept my dandavat pranams. Jaya Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga. Jaya Sri Sri Radha Vinode-Bihariji. Just to update you – devotees have been submitting such wonderful personal memories of Srila Gurudeva – (see just two of such priceless gems below from Muralidhara das prabhu and Baladeva das Brahmacari ). A proposed title for the book at this stage is “Gurudeva – Lilamrita – A Forest of Desire Trees“. But so much more unlimited nectar is needed. It is rasayana, nectar -tonic, for all of Srila Gurudeva s loving disciples. Just as Lord Caitanya has broken open the storehouse of Krishna-prema and is freely distributing, so please unlock the transcendental treasure of the personal memories in your own heart with Srila Gurudeva and share it with us all. We will be so grateful.

Herewith some sweet words from Swami Sajjan Maharaja about this project:

“Your endeavor with the encouragement of Syamarani didi to compile a book containing the intimate feelings of the appreciations and contributions Srila Gurudeva has made to so many is a very important and nobel endeavor.

I wish to send something when time permits for inclusion for such a literature!
This is no small task and I wish you luck and determination to complete in a wonderful way this undertaking…. “

At the request of Sriman Brajanath prabhu I am continuing to collect submissions from devotees for a new book for Srila Gurudeva. Srila Gurudeva means so much to so many of us, his transcendental family, so it will be wonderful to share our love for him in this way. It is hoped that the publication will also attract the general public as well.

SHRILA GURUDEVA – INVITING YOUR PERSONAL MEMORIES for a new book. Your written account / photos / recordings, etc. of any personal association you were blessed to have had with His Divine Grace Shrila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaj, would be much appreciated . Please email Ananda Vardhana dasa on freedmana@mweb.co.za and kindly invite any other disciples and followers of Srila Gurudeva to do the same. Radhe Radhe.

Your servant Ananda Vardhana dasa

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