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quarta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2012


At that time when one has the qualification to move one’s feet to the next step; it is one’s duty to abandon one’s previous level of qualification. This tendency to remain in a previous stage is a bad habit called Niyamāgraha. It is only due to this bad habit that the Antyaja’s, or those outside the Varṇāśrama system disrespect the life an atheistic moralist. The atheistic moralists have disregard for the pseudo-theistic moralists, and the pseudo-theistic moralists have no respect for the actual theistic moralists. The actual theistic moralists neglect Bhakti, and finally the followers of Vaidhī-bhakti show lack of respect to the Bhakti of the eternally perfect devotees, the Rāgātmika-bhaktas. It is only due to this bad habit that many of the followers of Varṇāśrama do not properly respect Vaidhī-bhakti.

viprād dvi-ṣaḍ-guṇa-yutād aravinda-nābha-
pādāravinda-vimukhāt śvapacaṁ variṣṭham
manye tad-arpita-mano-vacanehitārtha-
prāṇaṁ punāti sa kulaṁ na tu bhūrimānaḥ
(Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 7.9.10)

“If a Brāhmaṇa has all twelve Brahminical qualifications [as they are stated in the book called Sanat-sujāta] but is not a devotee and is averse to the lotus feet of the Lord, he is certainly lower than a devotee who is a dog-eater but who has dedicated everything—mind, words, activities, wealth and life—to the Supreme Lord. Such a devotee is better than such a Brāhmaṇa because the devotee can purify his whole family, whereas the so-called Brāhmaṇa in a position of false prestige cannot purify even himself.”

By this, Bhakti herself does not experience the slightest degree of loss; rather it is only a loss for that person who disrespects her, Bhakti-devi. The person situated on a higher level of qualification, naturally remains perturbed at the plight of the person on the lower level. However, as long as the lower level jīva’s good fortune does not arise then until that time he will not have a desire or inclination to abandon his present qualification, and climb to the next level.

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