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quinta-feira, 22 de março de 2012

The Vaisnava Imposter

The Vaisnava Imposter

Many people--young, old, learned, foolish, proud, and reasonable--came into contact with Srila Gaurakisora without realizing his real identity. The devotees of Lord Krsna have this mystic opulence. Coming to consult with Srila Gaurakisora about their insignificant desires, many persons would get suggestions that were usually a cause of disappointment. Innumerable persons accepted the babaji dress, acting as devotees of the Lord. Far from being sadhus (saintly persons), they were actually imposters. Srila Gaurakisora dasa Babaji never accepted such a way of life. The sincerity in his activities was self-evident. His loving attitude was such that even when he obtained an opulent offering, his renunication predominated.

Srila Gaurakisora dasa Babaji never displayed any distaste for persons opposed to him. Nor did he ever manifest special affection for those very dear to him. He would often say, "In this material world I am all alone in my service to Lord Krsna. Everyone is worshipable by me." Many materialistic, foolish persons masquerading as devotees would surround him. They would consider themselves as objects of his affection; mean while, their minds were engaged in so many worldly sense objects. Srila Gaurakisora never showed any intention of driving them away or of compromising with them.


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