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segunda-feira, 20 de agosto de 2012


‘Bhaktivedanta Answers’ is the first installment of a series of tools brought to you by Bhaktivedanta Vedic Research. This website aims at compiling a vast number of Questions and Ans
wers on Krishna consciousness, Vedic culture, practice, and everything and anything related and of relevance, while also allowing anyone to ask their own Questions and to post Answers to questions already posted by others. It’s an interactive community website, now ready and fully functional.

This will be a great way to find and/or get answers to virtually any question. Anyone can post their own questions or answer — even if they already know the answer to a question, posting is still encouraged. This will help enrich the database and ultimately make the site increasingly more relevant and useful on an ongoing basis.

It includes a community voting system so that participants can vote on questions allowing for anyone to easily ascertain the most valuable answer. Among other nice features, the original poster can also select 'Best Answer' for any of the multiple answers provided to his question.

‘Bhaktivedanta Answers’ will serve as a practical presentation to newcomers as well as a great tool for researchers and serious students, and since it’s an interactive community based system, it has great potential to provide easily accessible insight into almost any relevant topic. Bhaktivedanta Vedic Research itself will be adding content on an ongoing basis, and with your participation I hope others will also actively engage with their own Questions and Answers.

I hope you like it.

Krishna Kirtan
BVR Facilitator
                                              BHAKTIVEDANTA ANSWERS

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