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segunda-feira, 24 de setembro de 2012

Shree RadhaAstmi Celebrations.

Shree Vinod Bihari Goudiya Matt Charitable Trust (R)
Devotees Celebrated Radhastmi Devotees fast on this day and worship Lord Krishna and Radha. Offer crown, flower garland, clothes and toran at Radhakrishna temple. Then decorate the Radhakrishna idol with flowers, incense sticks and perfume.

Then build a mandap with five colours and then make a kamalyantra in the shape of 16 dal inside the mandap. Keep an idol of Radhakrishna in the middle of the kamalyantra. Offer prayers and sweets.
Srila Naryana Gosvami Maharaja that without Srimati Radhika Krsna would be zero, or nirvisesa-brahma (an impersonal God without qualities), and having determined from his understanding of Jaiva-dharma that even without Her, Krsna is the Supreme Person with independent desire, Sripada Nemi Maharaja asks:] Jaiva-dharma states that Krsna is not impersonal brahman. He is purusa (the Supreme Personality of Godhead); He has desire. You said we will have to reconcile. I would like to know how we reconcile these two.
It is believed that fasting on Radhashtami appeases Goddess Lakshmi. Fasting on this day brings Peace,prosperity, wealth health in blessings.

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