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segunda-feira, 25 de outubro de 2010



Bhagavat Maharaja


Srila Gurudeva walked to the door this morning assisted by the devotees. He was smiling and talking to the devotees. He looked at Krishna Bhamani and smiled and said "OH! You have come?" Krishna Bhamani smiled and said "Yes Srila Gurudeva"  Then Srila Gurudeva cast his glance on Nrhari and Bhavatarini. Srila Gurudeva said "they are going to Vrndavan?" and Nrhari replied "yes most of the devotees have gone to Vrndavan Srila Gurudeva" then Madhava Maharaja said "Srila Gurudeva is asking when you will go to Vrndavan" Srila Gurudeva put his hand out to touch the devotees hands that were on the screen. He also toured his apartment and went into the Kitchen as well. I have heard that He spoke something to Kishori Mohan and Sudevi but I will let them tell you what he said. He also gave Hari Nam initiation today to about 12 devotees. He touched their beads and the devotees will wait till Srila Gurudeva is a little stronger to hear the Maha Mantra chanted to them from his divine Lotus Lips. I explained the meaning of the Mantra and how to chant and the methods for doing good Japa based on a lecture of Srila Gurudeva. Then they went down to sit at the fire Yagya. Srila Gurudeva seemed not only stronger today but more lively. At least that is the observation of several of the devotees. More later.

Your Uncle
Bhagavat Swami

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