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domingo, 31 de outubro de 2010

Service of Vrajavasi

Srila BR Sridhara Maharaja

No Exploiting Sense in Vrndavan

The exploiting sense is absent in Vraja. We may conceive this or we may not conceive this, but still everything there is only actuated by the motive of service. And there is the beauty. Tat paratvena nirmalam – the nirmalata, the purity, depends only on how much it is for the satisfaction of the centre. The criterion of measuring the purity is this - otherwise we will be here in the land of exploitation. There, in that plane, there is no exploitation, but the whole thing is informal. All is full of service, with purity - otherwise there is no entrance in that domain.

So we must be very cautious about the real theme of exploitation. What does this mean? There is no exploitation there - that is divinity. Without dedication, without serving, no divinity is possible -it is not possible to enter into Vrndavan, what to speak of Sivaloka or Vaikuntha-loka? Madhurya-rasa is most intensive there. These are the things which we should know. We should try to keep the conception of such a standard on our head. However far away it may be, we may not make any easy compromise with the very cheap things in this world. Our future will depend on our highest ideal.

Service of Vrajavasi

Vraja-vasi-gana pracaraka-dhana, pratistha-bhiksuka ta’ra nahe sava - the pracaraka (preachers) desire is to attain the service of the vraja-vasi – their aim is not mundane money. Their aim is the grace of a vraja-vasi. That they want. Dhana means they hanker after the wealth and qualities of vraja-vasis. That is their desire, their will. The foot dust of the vraja-vasis is the wealth of the genuine preacher. They don’t want any admiration from the ordinary mass of this world – no admiration, no attraction do they want from the mass.

“Oh, he is a big personality, he is doing very great service” – all these things they do not want. Their only aim is to get the foot dust of the vraja-vasis, that is their wealth. Tanra se hetu pracara – they cannot but do the preaching of krsna-nama – the inspiration is coming from within, not from the external world. They cannot stop the flow of their hearts to praise Krsna. It is coming from within, not from outside. Pratisthasa hina – no admiration, nothing of the kind do they want from the outside ordinary people of the mundane world. His internal self engages him to speak about Krsna. There is no reward nor rebuke from the outside world. The cause of his action is the eternal flow. It is coming from within.

Prana ache tanra se hetu pracara. His very life is meant for that. Prana means life, prana means vitality, inner urge, the very internal energy. In other words, it is devotion, svarupa-sakti, not any artificial thing there. Svarupa-sakti is within. Only that should be discovered. That is within, the inner wealth, and only the outer cover has checked the activities of svarupa-sakti – that of distributing this divine message to one and all.

- "Encounters with Divinity"

por Shanti Devi Dasi

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