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sábado, 30 de outubro de 2010

Gurudev's affectionate words about Srila Narayan Maharaj



Gurudev's affectionate words about Srila Narayan Maharaj

Sree Sree Guru Gaurangau Jayatah! Pure devotees advent to this mortal world by the Will of Supreme Lord and by their own will and perform various pastimes. By exhibiting the pastimes of illness they give service opportunity to the souls of this world for their own deliverance. At present, Pujyapad Bhakti Vedanta Narayan Maharaj, the Founder of International Gaudiya Vedanta Samiti, is outwardly exhibiting severe illness having detected with malignancy in the intestine.

Our Most Revered Srila Gurudev has a spiritual connection with him and both of them are very affectionate brothers. It is a dis-service if we do not convey this message to Our Most Revered Srila Gurudev. Considering Srila Gurudev's affection and love for the Vaishnavas, it would be heart breaking for Him to listen to this news. Either way was going to be difficult for us. On October 10, 2010 I got a call from Sri Vrindavan Prabhu from Denmark (a disciple of Srila Narayan Maharaj) telling me the urgency of the situation. I called Sri Ramchandra Prabhu, in-charge of Math in Janakpuri, New Delhi and also had an opportunity to speak to Srila Madhav Maharaj, the personal servant of Srila Narayan Maharaj. Both were very kind to inform me the latest about Srila Narayan Maharaj. Our god-brother, Sri Rasvihari Prabhu also called few other disciples of Srila Narayan Maharaj to get his latest health updates. Sri Rasvihari Prabhu and I conveyed the message to Our Most Revered Srila Gurudev in brief. Srila Gurudev's eyes were filled with tears as soon as He heard this. Later we arranged for a telephonic conversation with Srila Madhav Maharaj. Srila Gurudev remarked that as Srila Narayan goswami Maharaj did extensive preaching programs all over and he took lot of pressure on his body. Srila Gurudev remembered the days when Srila Narayana Maharaj used to visit our Vinod Vani Gaudiya Math in Vrindavan and also their meetings on several occasions.

Srila Gurudev then said to Sri Madhav Maharaj, "You should take good care of him. You should try your best. We should not give up our efforts." Later He added, "I also had heart difficulty and one doctor had put 5 stents in my heart. Even I cannot do extensive travels." The conversation took place for almost 7-8 mins and there was lot of love and affection shared during that time. When Srila Madhav Maharaj said that there is some improvement in the health of Srila Maharaj, Our Most Revered Gurudev felt happy. We pray to the Lord for a speedy recovery of Srila Narayan Maharaj and continue his preaching programs.

By Prahlad Das at 10/16/2010 

Om Vishnupad 108 Sri Srimad Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj Ki Jaya
Querido devoto puro do sSenhor seja sempre louvado !

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