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domingo, 28 de novembro de 2010


por Bhagavat Maharaja, domingo, 28 de novembro de 2010 às 08:14

Dandavats and Pranams To One and All,

I have left Delhi to go preaching in Mumbai. I will be here for awhile and then go to Bangalore and then to Srila Gurudevas Vyasa Puja and then to Jagannath Puri. That was my original schedule and it looks like that tuned out to be in my best interest. So I will not be making reports as often but will do so on occasion as I gather information.

Right now all I have for all of you is that Srila Gurudeva is taking a number of very first class supplements. This includes Ayurvedic formula plus a product called Poly MVA. This product has helped a number of people who were in similar if not worse scenarios as Srila Gurudeva is in now. There are some other things as well and the health care support team is looking into some other products also. Srila Gurudeva continues to eat himself and to drink fluids as well. He is able to keep most of what he consumes inside returning a little. He is having much less pain and is walking and reading etc.

The plans for going to Jagannatha Puri are on hold while they address one issue with his digestion in Delhi with an eminent gastroenterologist. As soon as I know he is leaving I will inform everyone. I am in contact with Brajanath daily and if something important comes up I will explain it here.

Meanwhile keep praying to Giriraja Govardhan asking that he keep Srila Gurudeva comfortable and happy while he is trying to dissolve this tumor. We should always remember that Srila Gurudeva can create his own good health as he likes. Srila Gurudeva is just giving us a chance to show him how much we love him. Keep up your kirtans and your prayers.

Srila Gurudeva Ki Jaya!

Your Uncle
Bhagavat Swami

Novas fotos do parikrama de 2010...
divine darshan ...

Jaya Jaya Sri Giriraja Govardhana  ! Jaya Srila Gurudeva Bhagavat Maharaj Ki Jay!

 Thanks  dear Maharaj  ,,,Radhee

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