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sábado, 20 de novembro de 2010


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Anjali Dasi
Por Bhagavat Maharaja, sexta, 19 de novembro de 2010 às 18:26
Dr. Ray has arrived from the Philippines. I had a conversation with him about Srila Gurudevas health this evening. I asked him how he felt Srila Gurudeva was doing. He said that it was his opinion that he was very stable now and out of any immediate danger. To understand this statement properly you should know that the cancer is not gone yet. However the markers for Srila Gurudevas vital signs are all doing well. So he is in much better condition then when Dr. Ray saw him  a few weeks ago.

Dr. Ray said that Srila Gurudeva was speaking in a strong clear voice and had significantly more energy and stamina. At this point Dr. Ray would like to run a few tests and make some adjustments before he begins treating the cancer more directly. Up till now Srila Gurudeva has only been given the ozone treatment  on a fairly regular basis which has kept the cancer from growing and spreading. Mean while his health and strength have been building through nutritional support. This has mostly come in the form of the excellent offerings that have been lovingly provided by Kishori Mohan and Sudevi. To provide further nourishment Dr. Ray has put Srila Gurudeva on an IV which is providing concentrated nutritional support. As the tests are run and the treatment begins we will keep you informed.

Metaphorically speaking, for now it looks like we are out of the woods and we are getting ready to cross the wide river. Srila Gurudeva is the captain of the ship and is not only guiding everyone in taking it across but he is the force behind its movement forward. The favorable winds of the devotees love and devotion for Srila Gurudeva is helping to move the boat forward and the upraised arms of the devotees doing kirtan for Srila Gurudeva are the Oars that are helping to propel the boat across. All of this is happening under Srila Gurudeva's Divine guidance.


Your Uncle
B.V. Bhagavat Swami

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