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sexta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2010

Krsnakarunya das Brahmacari 2010

By Krsnakarunya das Brahmacari

I am presently in Sri Jagannath Puri dham with Sripad BV Tirtha Maharaja and Sripad Premananda Prabhuji. I would just like to take this opportunity to share a little about this year’s Ratha Yatra festival which is another wonderful experience for all of us here. For the first time our kirtan party dominated the street kirtans. We became like the main kirtan party of Ratha yatra. Please see video linked above. So many people joined us and dancing like crazy. It was really nice.

At one point, the police wanted or attempted to stop us because they became fearful that we would cause a road block for the chariot.

At the end when Jagannath almost reach Gundica some professional dancers from Tota Gopinath and some other institution joined our kirtan party and they danced so magically. Madhukar Prabhu said he never saw any kind of dancing better than theirs. They danced in the middle of our kirtaniyas who were making a big circle. And the crowd was just ecstatic. Unfortunately, I don’t have it in video.

13 July 2010 (Jagannath Puri). In front of Jagannathdev’s chariot, our kirtan party dominated the street kirtans and reminded Jagannathdev of how fun it is to be in Vraja so He should not delay leaving Dwarka (Jagannath temple) to go back to Vrndavan (Gundica Temple). So not just by rope but by kirtan we pulled The Lord of the Universe back to Vrindavan. Indeed He made it so quickly. This year’s festival went smoothly and all chariots reached Gundica before sunset. Jai Jagannath!

Then midnight we got waken up by Prabhuji telling us that we all should immediately go to Gundica because our Panda, a Dayita pati is waiting for us. He has arranged our meeting with Baladev, Subhadra and Jagannathdev. It was not as peaceful as last year’s meeting. There, our Panda briefed us that we should follow him how he climbed the chariot (since there is no ladder yet) and that we should go up as fast as we can without hesitation and not listening to anyone around who may stop us. It was an adventure and it was great. We had closer encounter of Sri Baladev, Subhadra and Jagannathdev compared to last year’s. In Jagannaths’ chariot, there were too many people so it was quite difficult to come very close for more than 5 seconds.

Two nights ago they came down from Their chariots and went in the Gundica. I took some videos which I will also put in youtube. Our kirtan party again was there and it made our experience much better than previous years’. During Gundica Mandir marjan we the videshis were able to properly clean the pathway to the inner entrance of Gundica temple. We were even allowed to go past the inner entrance only to get some water for cleaning and immediately come out. We cleaned all the way to the outside main gate and giving bath also to the lions guarding the outside gate. It was fun. Then of course we had a nice kirtan and we took bath at Indradyumna sarovar then we had prasadam feast at Nrsimhadev Temple. Prabhuji arranged with the temple authorities there that we have Nrsimhadev’s prasadam feast.

Also like last year we have our book stall outside Gundica temple so there is book distribution everyday for 9 days and every evening we distribute prasadam in charity to everyone. The feast and daily prasadam distribution is sponsored by Viswambhar Prabhu (for his marriage anniversary feast) and also Radha Kanta Prabhu and Yamuna Prasad Prabhu of Bhakti Store. Alright. That’s about most of what took place for now. Radhe Radhe.

Krsnakarunya das


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