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terça-feira, 31 de agosto de 2010

Songs of Our Holy Masters 2"

Sri Janmastami Ki Jay!

Presente de Natal Vedico !Hare Krsna !!!

OUR NEW CD!!!!!!!! Released ! Listen and download now

We are happy
to announce the release of our new CD "I offer this Prayer- Songs of
Our Holy Masters 2" It was offered to Srila Gurudev during this past
Badger Festival June 2010.

These songs are in English- direct translations of the songs and prayers of our previous Acaryas. They are
unique in that they are not only direct translations, but have the same
syllables and meter as the original bengali, sanskrti and Hindi which
makes it possible to sing them side by side with the originals.
Ever since we began singing these songs in our home programs, Devotees have
been requesting us to make CDs to help them learn these songs, and
understand the prayers of the Vaisnavas in a more familiarized and
relatable form.

For Srila Gurudev's Vyaspuja here in Hawaii (January 2007), we quickly made a offering of a CD of some of the songs
we had been singing. Although it is a lovely CD, and was well received,
we felt it was rushed (done in a week more or less) and we were
inexperienced with recording.

Since then, our mother published the book "Songs of our Holy Masters- In English". This book has caused a
new flood of requests for more CDs so that devotees around the world
can learn the English songs easily and quickly.

It is our strong desire to produce beautiful Krishna conscious recordings that inspire
devotees to sing the prayers handed down to us by our spiritual
preceptors. With the amount of songs ideas, and tunes that we have, we
decided to invest in building our own simple recording studio complete
with a sound booth. Our most recent CD is the result of this. We hope to
continue this service gifted to us by the grace of our acharyas, and
spread their teachings in a way that is ever fresh, uplifting, and fun!

If you like the album help us share it with the world! All Purchases and
donations will help further Our services!

-Gaurasundar das, Candrakanta dasi

Listen or buy now click the link


(Ask Premanandi Didi and the organizers for more details)

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