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quarta-feira, 26 de maio de 2010

Why was Hiranyakasipu not liberated, although killed by Lord Narasimha?

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Bv Suddhadvaiti Swami:

Why was Hiranyakasipu not liberated, although killed by Lord Narasimha?

by Rupa Goswami

Why was the soul in Hiranyakasipu, then in Ravana, though killed by the Lord, attained great enjoyment but not liberation, but, as Sisupala, attained it?

Hiranyakasipu didn't think Narasimhadeva was Visnu. Visnu attracts the mind of the meditator by the beauty of His form, name and qualities. But because Hiranyakasipu did not recognize Visnu, the sakti of the Lord's attractiveness didn't manifest in that form for bestowing liberation.Just by being killed by the Lord, he attained a wealth of enjoyment as 10 headed Ravana, being in control of more than the 3 worlds. He didn't absorb his mind in Narasimhadeva as the Supreme Brahman.

As Ravana, he also didn't absorb his mind in Sri Rama, not recognizing Him either as the Lord. As a result, he achieved unimpeded wealth as Sisupala , in the family of Cediraja, praised by the earth. By being killed by the Lord while not being aware that He is the Lord, one attains greater wealth than of the heavenly planets.
(Vedanta-sutra 3.3.53) The smrti says one gains the heavenly planets by seeing Him as human and liberation by seeing Him as the Lord. Sisupala's mind was always absorbed in Krishna's form, which constantly revealed His sakti of attractiveness, which brings about liberation, and absorbed in Krishna's names. Though it was done out of hatred, he became freed from that fault when he was killed, just as if being touched by the Lord's hand. By the touch of the Cakra he saw the real form of the Lord and attained prema. His piles of sins were burnt by his remembrance of the Lord. He was brought near the Lord and enjoyed His embrace. He was liberated by the attractiveness of Krishna because of his fully manifested qualities. Because Narasimhadeva and Sri Rama did not manifest all these qualities They did not liberate him even though They killed him. (Laghu-bhagavatamarta)

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sri rupa goswami ki jaya , dear maharaja bv suddhavaiti swami ji ki jay! jaya nrsimhadeva festival !


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